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Math War Addition And Subtraction Game Cards

Math War Addition And Subtraction Game

School Zone Publishing Company

Author: School Zone Publishing Company Staff
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Includes a variety of methods to review, teach, and reinforce time, money, and fraction skills through interactive software that appeals to a variety of learning styles. Learning is reinforced with audio and animated rewards. Fun games are rewards after every two screens. The program saves the progress of each user with personalized progress reports and reward certificates.
This book is being well received and so is seeing respectable online sales. Do you need to get a book? Read Time, Money And Fractions - Grades 1-2 by School Zone Publishing Company Staff! Written by School Zone Publishing Company Staff and it is published by School Zone Publishing Company. This children's book was released around December of 1999. The book is meant for ages 36 months and up, and is mostly about Number concept in children as well as Educational games and it is thought of as incredibly good computer games. At the Dewey Decimal Classification number is H. This version is the Deluxe ed. is 52 pages long.

Math War is an exciting way for children to learn simple addition and subtraction equations while having fun. Players take turns laying down cards and giving the answer to the issue on their card. The highest right answer takes the trick.


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