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Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-algebra Who's Boss

Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-algebra Who's4 Star Rating
Kiss My Math Showing Prealgebra Whos
"Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-algebra Who's"

Do you want to get hold of a book? Buy yourself a copy of Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-algebra Who's by Danica McKellar. Written by Danica McKellar and the publisher is Plume. This child's book went on sale around June of 2009. The book has 352 pages. To pick up your personal copy of this children's book, visit the market link below.

Is Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-algebra Who's a good read? kiss math showing pre-algebra who's boss

Special Price: $8.27
Author:Danica McKellar

Full Description

The New York Occasions bestseller-from the author of Math Doesn't Suck and Hot X: Algebra Exposed-teaches girls how you can kick pre-algebra butt In her New York Instances bestselling books, actress and math genius Danica Mc Kellar shatters the"math nerd"stereotype and provides girls the tools to ace middle-school math in her unique, just- us-girls style. Now, in her second book, Kiss My Math, Mc Kellar empowers a new crop of girls-seventh to ninth graders-to tackle the next amount of mathematics: pre-algebra. Mc Kellar is clearly re